Sunset in Kampala

Standing at the front door of my work place i can't ¬†help but gaze at the moving traffic, slow but sure time check 6pm its time to go home, but not for me another hour or so. Slowly people sit comfortably in their cars and pray for the traffic to move abit faster but nope... Continue Reading →

Eating healthy after lent

After 40 days of not eating meat ive decided to go on with the 'no-meat' challenge, this doesnt mean that i will totally do away with it but it means that i will reduce on the intake. Ive tried this challenge before, but i failed to balance my diet and i started lucking protein. But... Continue Reading →

Dealing with my brokeness

Growing up I din't know there would be days like this. Waking up in the morning and wondering where exactly the money i make goes to. Weather there is a hole in my wallet or if i just have bad luck. You know how you be in school and you can still survive with your... Continue Reading →

Why i love reading

Reading is more like therapy to me, i work with people who dont read at all and dont find pleasure in it. But to me its like my safe heaven my santuary my only place of refuge. When i open a book and start reading i get lost into that world, sometimes i take on... Continue Reading →

The sex myth

Sex is not intimacy, it can be part of intimacy no question but sex doesnt equal intimacy. And yet almost every refrence to intimacy in modern popular culture is a refrence to sex. If we are to truly experience intimacy, wemust first move beyond the pubescent notion that sex and intimacy are synonomous. Intimacy is... Continue Reading →

My Airport Experience

Never in my life have i been stopped at the airport for having issues with my visa. I always arrive on time 1hr before checkin so incase theres anything like excess luggage or something I've forgotten i can quickly get a solution but it has never been about my visa. So on this particular day... Continue Reading →

Family Ties

Do you ever feel bad that you are on the wrong side of your family, that you have been called the black sheep of the family because you chose to do what makes you happy and not them? You can never satisfy them all, however much you try so stop trying and live your life.... Continue Reading →

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