Down Memory Lane-Summer in Dubai

So I’m doing some de-cluttering and cleaning up my computer when i landed on some pictures that really brought back some memories.

It was the summer of 2014, and it was going to be my first trip to Dubai. I was warned about the harsh weather,( summer is really hot in Dubai) but i was too excited to push my trip. I wasn’t even excited to see my friends i was just excited to be there, i made plans on places that i would visit, food that i will eat, so forth and so on.

 I had a 1 month visa so that’s plenty of time really and that just made me more happy. So i pack my bags, pack some home food for my friends get on the plane and in 8 hrs(including transit in Kigali) i was in Dubai. I remember the captain announcing the degrees while we were on the runway but i dint take him serious as i was admiring the beautiful airport with all those lights.

I was wearing a throw-on sweater with a scarf and winter boots because it was cold in Uganda and it had actually rained that day. I needed my clothing on the plane because of the terrible Ac. I will never forget that moment: i stood up to get out, i remember doing a little dance along the aisle then when i reached the exit a terrible wave of heat hit me, in the little time of less than a minute i was already regretting my decision. I had never in my life experienced so much heat, there was no turning back, it was going to be 30 days of being roasted in this summer heat. Immediately i remove my sweater and scarf and thank God i had sandals in my hand language. So i go through the airport procedure and then find my friends waiting for me at arrivals.

Fast forward 2 days later i decide to go out doors, i had been inside for 2 days and yet hadn’t done anything that i was excited to do. So i brave myself and go out to the beach with my friends, all hoping that the water would be cool and i could take a swim, NOPE!!!!! it was as hot as the air. I remember having breathing issues at one point and falling sick.

After 2 weeks of trying to brave the weather, 2 weeks of being indoors i decided to cut my trip short, Because of my sickness i started craving home food, i got home sick and i lost appetite, i talked to my granny everyday but i couldn’t push any longer and that’s when i gave up. So i packed my bags and left for home, but i made it a point that the next time i visit it wouldn’t be in the summer. So the next time i visited it was winter/autumn of 2016 and that’s a different experience and another story  for another time.

Despite of all that happened i had a few moments of fun, i braved the heat i decided to do what had taken me there. So i visited a few places, had the best coffee in the world from Starbucks, ate food that i wanted to eat and took pictures that i wanted to take. I think i’m just stubborn but i would still want to visit Dubai in the summer, i kind of miss the feeling,🤔🤔hahahahahahaha.





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