Making the best lemonade out of the lemons that life has thrown at me

Im the type that knows how to live my life, i decide when to be happy or when to be sad i never let life decide that for me because i have learnt how to control it. Life has not been easy this means there are very hard decisions that i have hard to make but in the end im always looking out for myself.

1. Time waits for no man, Life will not wait either we live our lives and every second that goes by. Therefore if you ruin your life or if you let someone ruin your life its on you. Sitting down and sulking about how someone hurt you while they move on is like holding hot coal…..its burning you not them, its hard but the moment you know how live your life and not let it make decisions for you then you will know how to turn things around.

2. Appreciate the blessings that you have, my life rotates around the internet, almost everyones life does but i think i spend a little bit more of my time on the internet because  everything that i do i do on the internet well most of my work is done here. This has opened my eyes, this has helped me to appreciate life everyday, everytime we sulk about not having something someone is wishing that they had quater of what you have. This has helped me to know that im not badly off so when stones are thrown at me i turn them into bread. 
3. Do what you love, the reason we are depressed most of the time is because we are forced to do things we don’t want to do, either life pushes us to the edge and there is nothing we can do about it because thats the path we chose, or because we are trying to impress other people, well you know what? chances are that they dont care so in the process you are hurting yourself…and while you are trying to do what you love try not to hurt other people in the process.
4. Vengeance is not mine, im the type that leaves revenge to karma, i believe karma has a way of getting back to its people, the things that ican’t  handle i just pray about them. Im the type that lets go, the type that doesnt stick to something that i can’t handle so to have a better life i just leave everything to karma.  
5. Mind your own business, keep your nose where it belongs, try not to get involved in other peoples stuff, u can’t have everybody on your side and yes you can survive without some people in your life, and yes episodes will happen in your life but they will all pass.
Always see the positive side of life, everything happens for a reason and learn to deal with everything, learn how to be alone and do stuff on your own that way you dont have to lean on people when you get hurt, or you wont be heart broken when you are disappointed by those you love.


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  1. “. . . . but in the end im always looking out for myself.” Ultimately, the only one who can or will look out for your best interests is you. Parents and spouses, etc. may have good intentions (or seem to), but they also have desires on how you should live your life to be congruent with their expectations.


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