Things ive learnt in May

Yes, i know May is long gone but i can’t stop thinking about the things that happened to me in my birth month. My eyes opened in May i got to see life differently and got to appreciate more, so i might have made lots of mistakes but i have learnt a few things from them, and i would like to share these things with you;

  1. I have learnt to appreciate myself more, i always thought that i would never survive without some people in my life. i found myself clinging onto them while my life fell apart. But the moment i let go i realized that i could handle everything on my own just fine and i can go through every situation myself and make it through.
  2. Self love has became part of me, just as i started appreciating myself, i got to love myself more, i got to know things that i deserve and things that i don’t deserve in my life. I got to know that i don’t need anybody to help me love myself and that i can actually love myself without being loved.
  3. I’ve  learnt to let go, if something doesn’t work out let it go, you cant push a wall that isn’t moving and if you cling to it you get hurt, many a times we miss our blessings because we are glued to what we have that isn’t helping, we miss better opportunities because we don’t want to let go of what we have and yet in actual sense it isn’t helping.
  4. I’ve learnt that things happen for a reason, weather good or bad nothing happens for no reason, its either for good or for the better that, that exact thing is happening to you, learn how to take control of every situation that you go through it shapes you into a better person.
  5. I’ve learnt to take care of myself more, my skin is glowing, my body is toned i have lost a few pounds because i exercise and i eat well. My meals are balanced and healthy, i joined some yoga classes and meditate often, i feel comfortable in my own body and feel great when i’m moving around.
  6. In my alone moments i have learnt to appreciate family, we tend to forget family when we think we have everything together but family is the most important unit in life. When everybody was against me my family was there for me, these are people who would never forsake you or let you down. They should be the people you ran to when you need help.
  7. You don’t have to be ‘nice’, I’ve been too kind to most people and those are people who have taken advantage of me, I’ve learnt that i have to be mean at times, it doesn’t make sense when you are too good to people or too polite but then you are getting hurt, as long as you don’t want to do it you don’t have to, you have a choice to do what you want and what makes you happy.

Life is full of lessons, what matters is you learn from it, never let a situation or mistake bring you down just learn from it and you will get to enjoy life to the fullest.


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