Breakfast at Cafe Ceylon

I rearely eat out for breakfast, i always have my breakfast at home or at work and its usually light. But today as i was driving to work this new place caught my eye and i decided to check it out.

Cafe Ceylon is a coffee shop/restaurant owned by Sri Lankans living in Uganda. They mainly cook Sri Linkan food but because i had to rush to work i dint take time to study the menu but will do that another time, so i had a tuna sandwhich since i was so hungry and my partner had the English breakfast.

Apart from the very nice food and the best customer care so far, the decor and interior of the cafe caught my eye. They specifically used nicely kept antiques to decorate the cafe and some art pieces from their country. The colors and furniture are what you expect a coffee shop to have but these guys went ahead to use the best quality of couches and sofas so that one can be comfortable. Not forgetting the free wifi😉

Im always picky when it comes to my coffee especially how its made and how its served, i had a taste of their latte which i must say was very nice. I made an order of watermelon juice expecting it to be mixed with syrup like how most restaurants do but this juice was freshly squeezed  and nothing added to it not even sugar. Lets not forget the fast service, the waitress promised that food would be ready in 10 minutes and indeed 10minutes it was!

I enjoyed the few minutes i had at Ceylon Cafe and the free wifi part is my best part as always….now i know how im going to spend my leave days….



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