Let it go: The power of letting go

The Past hurts and old injustices have a way of keeping us stuck in our tracks, unable to move forward or experience joy. It can take a radical reboot to get past yesterday.

A long shadow may be clouding your future. It’s pain in your past……the parent who wasn’t there, the ex who betrayed, the boss who humiliated you, or maybe you’re stuck in place by the unhappy results of your own bad choices. The power to get past the past does not lie primarily with the nature of events themselves. It lies on how much effort one is willing to expend to push some emotional moments out of the way.

1.Is there anything you can’t get over? You don’t get over it, but you might find a different place to put it. You don’t forget it, but the thought no longer sits in your mind. You don’t pretend it wasn’t bad, but you have a sense that you can heal. We don’t get over the past. We get past it. 

2.Getting past yesterday demands both thinking and doing. It’s things we do as well as things we think that hold us unwittingly in a painful place. 

3.Letting go means something has to open in your head and in your heart, but that shift, that easing, comes up against our own invisible, often implacable resistance. A great deal of that resistance comes from your willingness to change,even change for the better is still change. 

4.Even when a relationship is out of your life after a breakup or divorce, it may occupy your heart and your head. Letting go means loosening that internal attachment, and therefore losing that love again with hope of getting more love or even better.

5. Letting go means confronting these invisible emotional barriers bringing them into your awareness and then struggling against them. It means challenging irrational, unproductive thinking until you get your head straight, it means facing up to your fear and then calling on your courage and your character to face it down and it means confronting your passionate attachment to a past love and creating room for a new one.

And this is how we move on:

1. Focus on the Future, It’s hard to let go of the past in the absence of a positive view of tomorrow. You need a vision of the future. Get a new hobby, invest in something productive that will take your time and also help you earn an income. Look beyond what is happening today and think of what will happen tomorrow.

2. Discard, Pushing actively past the past starts with discarding. Get rid of things around your house that you might not need or things that keep dragging you behind or things that make your mind think about things that might not be of importance. I always clean out my room when im stressed, i throw out things that i dont need, or give out to charity then keep only those that are of importance to me, by the time im done with this exercise my mind is relaxed and my body is well worked out.

3. Transform Your Narrative, Simply put, we are our story. Not so much the story of the events in our lives but the story we tell ourselves about what we are going through. So read your story out with so much positivity, the hero always wins and you are your own hero.

4. Forgive, Is it really possible to be deeply hurt, unjustly treated, grievously wronged, and forgive the offender?  It is and it is the most profound way to free yourself from the emotional situations of the past. When you forgive you release yourself of that anger.

5. Learn to Be Present, let the past stay in the past, what happened has happened and there is nothing one can do to change it, what matters right now is to get solutions for that perticular situation or measurea for it never to happen again. See the present as it is and learn to be present in the present.

Finally letting go means a fresh start, i mean who doesnt need a new beggining, see it as a new life a new way of righting things, just so you know you dont have to hang in there when there is freedom out there, you cant keep pushing a wall that wont move, if something fails to work…just let it go…





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