Life is what you make it!

They say life is what you make it. Every decision you make in life affects you negatively or positively or even those around you. The first thing that controls our life is our thoughts that come from our minds. The mind controls almost our everyday lives the good news is that you can control your mind.

First things first, keep a positive mind at all times, we became what we think, if you are always thinking about stress you will became stressed if you constantly think about hapiness you will be happy, never let negative thoughts come to your mind, or never let that negative idea sit in your mind for long.

Take time to meditate, switch off your fone and be silent for a while, get a quite place for better meditation feel your heart beat, follow the rythm and let all the negative energy leave your body, concetrate on happy thoughts only.

Try to avoid negative company, the pipo who never build you, those who always bring you down they only see the bad in you you dont need them in your life and yes you can survive without them.

Change your environment take a trip to the country side enjoy the nature and change of serenity this will bring you back to life.

Spend some time with the people you love, it might be family or friends, get one person to talk to who will change the way you see things, especially the elderly they have been through it all and have seen it so the experience they have is enough to help.

Read a book, watch a movie or listen to soul soothing music, this will help you relax abit and a good book will take you away from this world for a while, you get to visit that magical place for a while, this will sure help. 



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