My Small Happy Life:

The word happiness is relative and it varies in terms of personal belief and experience. According to me, a Happy Life is something that helps me to be content with what i have. I believe in the happiness that not only satisfies me, but also makes my near and dear ones feel good. Some people... Continue Reading →

Down Memory Lane-Summer in Dubai

So I'm doing some de-cluttering and cleaning up my computer when i landed on some pictures that really brought back some memories. It was the summer of 2014, and it was going to be my first trip to Dubai. I was warned about the harsh weather,( summer is really hot in Dubai) but i was... Continue Reading →

Things ive learnt in May

Yes, i know May is long gone but i can't stop thinking about the things that happened to me in my birth month. My eyes opened in May i got to see life differently and got to appreciate more, so i might have made lots of mistakes but i have learnt a few things from... Continue Reading →

Breakfast at Cafe Ceylon

I rearely eat out for breakfast, i always have my breakfast at home or at work and its usually light. But today as i was driving to work this new place caught my eye and i decided to check it out. Cafe Ceylon is a coffee shop/restaurant owned by Sri Lankans living in Uganda. They... Continue Reading →

Let it go: The power of letting go

The Past hurts and old injustices have a way of keeping us stuck in our tracks, unable to move forward or experience joy. It can take a radical reboot to get past yesterday. A long shadow may be clouding your future. It's pain in your past......the parent who wasn't there, the ex who betrayed, the... Continue Reading →

Knowing when to stop/quit

They say strong people don't quit but what they don't tell you is that the strongest people are those who know when to quit or let go. Somethings are just never meant to be and keep pushing on doesn't make you strong it makes you miss on other opportunities at hand. Life gives us red... Continue Reading →

Life is what you make it!

They say life is what you make it. Every decision you make in life affects you negatively or positively or even those around you. The first thing that controls our life is our thoughts that come from our minds. The mind controls almost our everyday lives the good news is that you can control your... Continue Reading →

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